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Tomorrows Judgement Day for Kavanaugh Accusations

Genevieve Wood says it’s time to move forward and confirm Kavanaugh

The Marc Cox Morning Show
September 26, 2018 - 8:13 am

Genevieve Wood joins Marc to discuss this circus that is this smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh. Genevieve maintains that it doesn’t matter if he steps down because the Democrats will go after the next person nominated. This isn’t about finding justice for a woman who claims she was abused 36-years ago. For many of the Democrats this is about finding something to stick to Kavanaugh that will block this nomination.  

In the case of tomorrow’s hearing Genevieve thinks the left took a gamble that the Republican legislature would fumble this enough to ruin Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“They thought the GOP would cave,” says Wood.

She says that a GOP caving situation may have been a good bet but if they thought the White House was going to step down on this they really missed the mark.

Surprisingly, the Republican’s called the bluff and offered a platform for the accusers. So the Dems moved the goal post.

Wood says it’s time to move forward and confirm Kavanaugh.

She and Marc also discuss President Trump’s appearance at the UN.

Listen below: