Impeachment inquiry may “play out well” for the GOP to take back the House

Jean Evans, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party

The Marc Cox Morning Show
October 02, 2019 - 10:22 am

Jean Evans joins the show to discuss the impeachment inquiry against President Trump that was formally announced by Speaker Pelosi.

Evans says that although she hates the continued attempt to take down our President, the calls for impeachment may play out well for the GOP.

“A lot of those new house members that are Democrats are in districts where Donald Trump won. So if this inquiry goes forward and they are forced to vote on this, it puts them in a very difficult position,” explains Evans.

Evans also discusses the search for a new demographer in the state of Missouri.

“It was a coup, it was paid for by out of state interests, to try to somehow disrupt the Republicans,” says Evans.

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