The Loop Trolley: Efforts to keep operations afloat

Loop Trolley Company Board of Directors President

The Marc Cox Morning Show
October 21, 2019 - 9:41 am

The Loop Trolley company has experienced its fair share of setbacks. These hurdles have led to the need for additional money to keep the trollies running.

Today we welcome Loop Trolley Company Board of Directors President, John Meyer, to explain the need for the additional funding, as well as, the circumstances leading up to this point.

“I still think this $52 million asset is worthy of a chance,” says Meyer.

So where would the money come from?

Meyer says there is federal transit tax, specifically for public transit.

“By my research that fund raised $87 million last year of which $71 million was appropriated… we’re not asking for $15 million,” explains Meyer.

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