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Alternative Plan for "Better Together"

Municipal League of Metro St. Louis

The Marc Cox Morning Show
January 25, 2019 - 6:55 am

There's an alternative plan to "Better Together" that would give St. Louis County and City residents the chance to vote before anything would go on a statewide ballot. The Municipal League of Metro St. Louis wants a Mayor and County Excutive appointed board to meet for a year to work on a new plan before putting it to a local vote.

Mayor Knowles researched consolidation for his thesis and found that any time you try to subvert the will of the people, you’ll fail.

 “…it has to be a process which people buy into, you can’t force it on them,” says Knowles.

Facing opposition from the Better Together organization for jumping into the game late, Knowles explains the Municipal League has asked to be part of this process from day one. 

For those claiming this is about race... to quote MC, "It’s not a black or white issue, it’s a green issue."

Listen to Mayor Knowles and Marc's discussion below:

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