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Parkland Shooting Report Doesn’t Suggest Increased Gun Control

2A Tuesday w/ The Range St. Louis West

The Marc Cox Morning Show
December 18, 2018 - 8:30 am

The Parkland shooting report has come back with the suggestion that school security and years of ignoring the warning signs were the biggest contributing factors in the tragedy.

We welcome Ron McCain with The Range St. Louis West to discuss the report.

“If my finger hurts, I’m not going to cut my arm off, why don’t we treat the real issue,” says McCain.

Thankfully, the report has led the panel to call for arming willing teachers: READ MORE HERE

Meanwhile, the left continues to push for stricter gun laws and oppressive regulation nationwide.

The gun laws that are being passed limiting access to law abiding citizens are only aiding criminals. Shock, criminals don’t follow laws and will obtain guns regardless of regulation.

“Bad guys are going to be bad guys, they’ve existed forever,” says McCain.