Security guard ridiculed for pulling gun in defense against two thugs attacking him

A great example of what's wrong with America

The Marc Cox Morning Show
April 10, 2019 - 8:42 am

This story from the Daily Wire may leave you speechless.  Last Saturday, a Chicago McDonald's security guard was attacked by two men as he escorted them out of the building.  The two men shove the guard against the wall of the restaurant and begin to punch him, that's when the guard pulls out what looked like pepper spray but the attackers swat it out of his hand.  That's when he pulls out his gun (in self-defense) and points it at the two men, who quickly back off.

The whole altercation was caught on video and the audio is the most telling, everyone in the McDonald's is silent, watching the attack until the gun is pulled and you hear everyone yelling "NO!!" 

Youtube video: