LISTEN: Senator Roy Blunt explains why he doesn’t support a continued “emergency” at the southern border

“You don’t have to agree with somebody all of the time to be a significant supporter of what they want to do.”

The Marc Cox Morning Show
October 02, 2019 - 9:59 am

Senator Roy Blunt joins us in studio to discuss a wide array of topics. Marc has expressed concern about the Senator’s stance on the “emergency” status of at our southern border.

“The emergency clause concerns me. It concerns me more if another President is able to use it than if this President is able to use it for something I agree with,” explains Blunt.

Senator Blunt describes an “incredible accomplishment” on the part of President Trump to gain cooperation with the President of Mexico.

“What the President has been able to do with the Mexican President is incredible,” says Blunt.

Today there are 10,000 Mexican law enforcement agents at the Mexican southern border helping stop the flow migrants who are in-route to the U.S.

Given the progress President Trump has made, and the dangers of allowing future Presidents to declare an emergency on, for example, climate change, Senator Blunt says he cannot support a continued emergency declaration at our border.

The Senator also touches on the House Democrats launching an impeachment inquiry, the 2020 election and his agenda while in St. Louis with Governor Parson.

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