The last time the Blues were in the Stanley Cup Finals…

#LetsGoBlues #PlayGloria

The Marc Cox Morning Show
May 22, 2019 - 6:13 am

St. Louis Blues fans are riding a high after the win in Game 6 of the Western Conference final. We're headed to the STANLEY CUP FINALS!

Here are a few things that were happening in 1970, the last time our Blues made it this far… 

  • Average annual income was $9,400
  • Average cost of new house was $23,450
  • Postage stamps cost 6 cents
  • Fine leather shoes were $6.99
  • Nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) took effect
  • The Beatles broke up
  • The famous Apollo 13 mission carrying astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise took place
  • The Boeing 747 makes its first commercial passenger flight from New York to London
  • USA invades Cambodia: April 1970 Nixon orders secret invasion of Cambodia by US and South Vietnamese troops
  • The first Earth Day was celebrated
  • EPA began operations
  • US lowers the voting age to 18 from 21
  • Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin passed away

Inspired by this tweet from a fellow Blues fan: