Asking a citizenship question is Constitutional

Greg Willard: SLU Law

The Randy Tobler Show
July 03, 2019 - 7:30 am

SLU Law Professor Greg Willard joined Randy to recap the Supreme Court decisions on gerrymandering and the Census "Citizenship Question."

Willard says the anger toward the Court on  the Census is unwarrented, "the people who felt that a citizenship question ought to be on the 2020 census, I would suggest to them that they turn their ire to Wilbur Ross and the Trump administration.  Period. Full Stop." 

"Chief Justice Roberts and four other justices in that census case specifically ruled that asking a citizenship question on the Census is Constitutional," says Willard, "had president Trump's administration gone about developing this a different way, a more thorough way, and, unfortunately to say, a more accurate, dare I say more truthful way,"  there would be a citizenship question on the census.

"Nobody is to blame for that, other than, the Trump administration," says Willard.