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Better Together Has 2 Years to Educate the Public on Proposed Merge

Dave Leipholtz- Better Together

The Randy Tobler Show
February 11, 2019 - 12:00 pm

Dave Leipholtz, Better Together's Director of Community-Based Studies, tells Randy Tobler that his group has 2 years to "show them" all of the details about their merge plan.

He says "one of the core tennants of this whole plan is that the city's debt stays with the people of the city."

Its in the actual language, says Leipholtz, "debt does not transfer."

"People can say that (it will), but either they aren't reading the amendment or they're just kind of making it up  for political purposes," says Leipholtz.


Why did the group withdraw their petition last week?

"We're just tweaking some technical language that we had the opportunity to do now," says Leiphotz "no policy changes or anything like that," to the final proposal.


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