A dangerous Mexico equals a dangerous United States

Thomas Homan: Former Acting ICE Director

The Randy Tobler Show
November 14, 2019 - 7:30 am

Former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan says that more needs to be done regarding the situation with the cartels along the US-Mexican border.

"I appreciate what Mexico is doing as far as the National Guard and helping to stem the flow [of border crossings], but they have not done anything about these cartels," says Homan. "If they still survive, this problem is not going to go away."

Homan says that the US could help Mexico in going after the cartels, if Mexico wanted the help, "we know how to do this, we know how to do RICCO cases. If Mexico let us step up, we could help them finally declare war on the cartels who declared war on the country of Mexico for decades."

"A dangerous Mexico equals a dangerous United States, because there is cross border crime," says Homan.  "These cartels just don't operate in Mexico, they operate north of the border.