Democrats want to add more huge entitlement programs

Dr Michael Busler: Stockton University

The Randy Tobler Show
July 04, 2019 - 7:30 am

Professor of finance at Stocton University, Dr Micheal Busler, joined Dr Tobler to discuss all of the "freebies" that the Democrats are promising.

Dr Busler says its importatant to try to cut the budget to get the deficeit down but, "of the 4 point 4 trillion, a little over 60 percent of it, 2.7 trillion, is in entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid which politically you simply can't touch."

"60 percent of the budget can't be touched, you add in defense of the country, interest on the public debt, and theres not a whole lot of places left to cut public spending," says Busler. 

Busler warns that the Democrats want to add several other entitlement programs to the budget including Medicare for all and tuition re-imbursement.

"My students think this is a good idea," says Busler, "I tell them this free tuition will be the most expensive free thing you'll ever get."