The fallacy of the "gun-show loophole"

John Henderson: Owner The Range St Louis West

The Randy Tobler Show
August 14, 2019 - 7:30 am

John Henderson, owner of The Range St Louis West joined Dr Randy Tobler to discuss new ideas to help stem the tide of guns falling into the hands of people who may want to do harm.

Henderson says there is a perception that most gun show sales don't require background checks,  "thats also a fallacy, because a majority of sales that go on at gun shows are done from gun dealers.  Most of the people at gun shows selling guns, are dealers."

"The still have to do a background check.  Any firearm bought from a FFL dealer, has to have a background check. Period.  It doesn't matter where it occurs," says Henderson.

Henderson says there is no need for new laws, "there's already existing laws that aren't enforced, if that's really a problem. If the "gun-show loophole" is such an issue, and thats where all these illicit guns are coming from, there's already a law to enforce that.  Its not being enforced.  We can pass another law, but is that going to get enforced?"