Government keeps getting bigger and bigger

Mark Miller: Pacific Legal Foundation

The Randy Tobler Show
October 31, 2019 - 7:30 am

Mark Miller from the Pacific Legal Foundation joins Randy to discuss the ever expanding role of big government.

Miller says the US media is distracted by the "impeachment crisis," while the US is really facing a "bureaucracy-crisis."

"The Federal agencies, again whether its under a Democrat administration under President Obama or before him, President George W Bush's administration, and now of course President Trump's administration.  In reality the government keeps getting bigger-and-bigger," says Miller.

Both Miller and Tobler agree that there is a disconnect between the civic mindfullness that used to be a part of the American fabric.

"The idea that we've lost this civic minded education and what's  perceived now as the immorality of capitalism, they kind of go together.  The idea that we're civic minded, I think in some sort of fundamental sense, is the idea that we have a responsibility to care for our fellow American who might be struggling.  I think anyone who's a capitalist would say, certainly we do.  But when the government forces you, and takes from you and forcibly gives to another, that's not really being civic minded thats abusing the power of the government," says Miller.

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