Lukas: "The media covers up for these women"

Carrie Lukas: President Independent Women's Forum

The Randy Tobler Show
July 24, 2019 - 7:30 am

Carrie Lukas, the president of the Independent Women's Forum, joined Dr Tobler to talk about "Progressive Privilege" as featured in her new book, Checking Progressive Privilege.

Lukas acknowledges white privilege in the past, "there were some forms of privileges back then. Obviously society has worked, and really gone a long way to eradicating these forms of privileges, or being aware of them.  So we're much more inclusive."

Dr Tobler and Lukas discuss the rise of "The Squad" of 4 female House members.  

"Its interesting to see how the media kind of covers up for these women," says Lukas,    "the media really decides who it is, 'oh, she didn't really mean it like that, that came off wrong," says Lukas.

"When it comes from a Republican or conserervative, such things would be considered absolte career ending poison.  That's one of the big forms of progressive privilige" Lukas says.

Find Checking Progressive Privilege  HERE