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"Overcharged" for medical care

Dr David Hyman: CATO Institute & Author

The Randy Tobler Show
May 16, 2019 - 7:30 am

The high cost of healthcare is the topic of a new book and an event hosted by the Show Me Institute.

Dr David Hyman, co-author of, Overcharged: Why Amercians Pay Too Much For Healthcare, joined Dr Tobler to discuss the problem with the system.

"We spend too much on healthcare, but we subsidize it through the tax system for people to get health insurance," says Hyman, "there's also government restrictions on entry, which make it harder for people to offer lower-cost services."

Hyman says consumers are using insurance wrong.

"Insurance should really be used  for very low probability but catastrophic outcomes, but the way we use health insurance, is we pay for everything." 


More information about Dr Hyman's appearance in St Louis can be found at ShowMeInstitute.org


Listen to the interview here: