Law professor explains aspects of Mueller Report

Greg Willard: SLU Law

The Randy Tobler Show
May 09, 2019 - 9:55 am

SLU Law Professor Greg Willard joined Randy to discuss items in the Mueller Report.

Willard says there are some conversations about obstruction of justice in the report that raise some eyebrows about conspiracy. 

Professor Willard uses an example of a planned bank robbery.  He says making those plans; purchasing masks, planning routes and then deciding not to rob the bank doesn't mean people are off scott-free.

"Guess what, Randy, we have legal jeopardy for conspiracy to commit a bank robbery.  Even though we never robbed a bank," says the former Assistant to President Gerald Ford.  "Conspiracy requires predicate acts to have happened, not consumation of the object of the conspiracy."

Willard says it is appropriate for the Attorney General to be investigating the origins of the counter-intelligence investigation into President Trump's Campaign.

"My answer is in the same category as, 'did the sun rise in the eastern sky about an hour and a half ago?" jokes Willard.   "Yes, is it appropriate for Attorney General Barr to be looking at this? Yes."

Listen to the wide-ranging and informative interview here: