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"They're Not Reading the Gospel Very Carefully"- Bowyer

Jerry Bowyer- Economist/Author

The Randy Tobler Show
December 28, 2018 - 7:30 am

Economist/Author Jerry Bowyer says there is a mis-understanding of the Jesus message. 

"Jesus, who was raised in Nazareth, Galilee,"  says Bowyer, "never confronts anybody about wealth in Galiee and Nazarath.  He doesn't have a single confrontation on the subject of  wealth in his home region."  By the time Jesus gets to the 'Capital region' of Judea, "he almost immediately has confrontations over wealth."

Randy and Jerry also discuss the economy, the shutdown and the coming "perfect storm of slowing economy, overvalued markets to begin with, the possibility of a real trade war," and a "president who maybe should tell someone to take down his Twitter account."

Listen to the wide-ranging conversation here: