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Transplant Costs- "They're On Their Own"

Dr Arthur Caplan- Medical Ethics Expert

The Randy Tobler Show
January 08, 2019 - 7:30 am

Dr Arthur Caplan, an NYU School of Medicine Professor of Medical Ethics, recently commented about the "Wallet Biopsy" that medical institutions perform on patient's finances before they are put on a list for a lifesaving organ transplant surgery.

Caplan says  while kidney transplant patients get "some" relief in costs on the operation and some drug costs,  "everybody else; heart, liver, you've heard about face and uterus transplants.  They're on their own in terms of paying the bill.  I don't know of too many transplant centers who don't check to make sure you can pay to put you on their list."


Read the Kaiser Health News piece HERE. 

Allowing financial factors to determine who gets a spot on the waiting list strikes many as unfair, Caplan said.

“It may be a source of anger, because when we’re looking for organs, we don’t like to think that they go to the rich,” he said. “In reality, it’s largely true.”


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