Women's empowerment in the US means leaving children behind

Erica Komisar: Parent guidance expert

The Randy Tobler Show
August 29, 2019 - 7:00 am

Parental guidance expert, social worker and psychoanalyst Erica Komisar joined Dr Tobler to discuss parenting styles across the world.

Just back from a trip from Africa, Komisar says US parents approach parenting differently, "we leave our children too young, and we separate them from our bodies too early."

"Women's empowerment doesn't necessarily mean having to leave our children behind.  If you look at other cultures, women don't leave their very-young children behind, they bring their children with them, " says Komisar.   "We don't really have a structure where women can keep their babies with them. If we had a different structure in this country, where people could work and also parent, that would be fine."

Komisar's most recent Wall St Journal piece agrees with former VP Joe Biden's 1981 views on a child care tax credit.

"He was saying that if we just rely on things like day care, what its going to do is encourage people to leave children at an earlier and earlier age.  I think that's what we're seeing.  That is what's happening," says Komisar.  "What he said in the 80s, has come to be."

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