Guns can get the kill, but Bow hunting takes real skill

2nd Amendment Radio & The Great Outdoors w/ Former Cardinal Kyle McClellan

Second Amendment Radio
January 16, 2020 - 2:22 pm

This week we talk to Southern Armory( Aaron T.) discussing Marijuana gun laws and how opioid gun laws don't even exist and how Mike Bloomberg (Dem. Candidate) thinks that law enforcement are the only qualified people to carry guns. 

 Kyle McClellan a locally raised former professional baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, and KMOX Contributor stops by and shares a wonderful story of is kids' first hunt. Both his son and daughter were fortunate enough to land a kill shot with nothing but a Bow and their loving father. Kyle and family had a total count of 4 up close and personal kills. Bringing love & family back to the great outdoors.

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