You are stocked on ammunition, but there is something you forgot

2nd Amendment Radio & The Great Outdoors w/guest Aaron T.(Southern Armory), Mike McClary(Intervine Flashlights), & Sheriff Dave Marshak(Jefferson Co.)

Second Amendment Radio
April 17, 2020 - 12:12 pm

This week on 2nd Amendment Radio & The Great Outdoors, Hosts Tony Colombo and Bo Matthews talk to Aaron  Tarlow from Southern Armory( informing gun owners and potential gun owners of ways to go about purchasing new firearms and ammo. Sheriff Dave Marshak from Jefferson County calls in and sheds some truth on officers during these times of quarantine. Mike McClary from Intervine( shines some light on some key essentials that in this time of pandemic that you may have forgotten. Will Mike leave us with even more discounts?   



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