Sugar Cookies


Teen May Have Given Classmates Cookies Baked With Dead Grandfather's Ashes

October 18, 2018 - 3:10 pm

Is this what they teach in home-ec these days?

A 16-year-old in California allegedly handed out sugar cookies to her classmates this month that she baked herself with one very gross ingredient: her dead grandfather's ashes. "The cookies were gray and they didn’t look like regular sugar cookies...I thought it was an edible," Angelina Boggess, a senior at Da Vinci Charter Academy in Davis, tells BuzzFeed.

"She said she had put her grandpa’s ashes in the cookie...The craziest part to me is that she seemed unfazed and was bragging about what she did. Saying that his leg could be in one cookie, with a big grin on her face." On Tuesday, the principal at Da Vinci told parents in a statement on the school's website, "Let me be clear that there is no health risk at to our campus or to any one of our students...I can say that those who were involved are remorseful and this is now a personal family matter."

Meanwhile, Davis police aren't sure they'll ever be able to get to the bottom of things. "Based on the interviews that were conducted through our investigation, they seemed credible," says Lt. Paul Doroshov. "Am I 100 percent sure? I really don’t know of a way to tell at this point."