AOC thinks the $1 billion budget cut to NYPD doesn’t go far enough

Deroy Murdock said this is not the time to consider defunding the police in NYC.

The Annie Frey Show
July 01, 2020 - 3:41 pm

Ocasio Cortez said that the proposed $1 billion budget cut for NYPD isn’t enough.

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“This is a bit like reducing the number of lifeguards who are on the beach just as the riptides are lashing the shore,” Deroy Murdock said.

He added not really a good time to be cutting the budget when there is still an immense amount of crime happening in heavily populated cities and there is still a pandemic happening. It would be bad timing.

Murdock said it is time for everyone to take a look around and understand the people running these cities, which are now showing an uptick in COVID-19 causes, are run by Democrats.​