Brian Kilmeade: ‘This election will be less about Dem and Rep and it will be more about our freedom’

Developments in the Michael Flynn case have surfaced. Kilmeade talks about this subject and the economy.

The Annie Frey Show
May 04, 2020 - 3:14 pm

Co-host of Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade joined the show to discuss the difference between reopening and shutting down the government of each state.

Kilmeade said there is a price to pay for being careful.

“I am very against the conservative way of doing this. We have to be aggressive,” he said.

Switching gears to Michael Flynn, Kilmeade said there are a series of dominoes that are part of his story.

“I can’t figure out if they are trying to get Flynn or if they are trying to get Trump,” he said.

How are the Durham report and Michael Flynn’s story going to intertwine?

“The more they research, nobody has backed away,” he said. He even went as far to say that there is more information in the report than Barr imagined.