Counselor Lori Snyder from Associated Counselors of West County answers your questions on mental health

If you have been having a difficult time during the last seven weeks of isolation, certified counselor Lori Snyder can give you some tips on what to do to keep your mind in check.

The Annie Frey Show
April 30, 2020 - 3:46 pm

Lori Snyder is an individual, family, and couples certified counselor at Associated Counselors of West County.

During this pandemic, many people are struggling with mental health. It’s been difficult to keep our minds working and at ease.

Synder said it’s important to take the time to do self-care right now.  Do things that bring satisfaction to you that are also soothing.

Lori gave advice on what parents should do if they are isolating with their kids or if they are by themselves during this time.

Here are some recommendations of where you can find information about mental health if you are struggling:​