Former ICE Director: ‘If the FEDs left Portland tonight that courthouse would be burned down in 20 minutes’

Former Acting Director of ICE Tom Homan said the last thing Democratic leaders want is Trump coming in to help them in their cities.

The Annie Frey Show
July 28, 2020 - 11:40 am

Homan said these are not protesters. Once they start burning things down and assaulting civilians and FED officers, you have deliberately taken this to the next level.

He reminded us that once you’re arrested by the FEDs, you are not going to get out of a jail cell in an hour. That arrest is going to stay with you forever.

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He said we the message of George Floyd has been completely lost because the anarchists have taken it over.

“The conversation is now lost,” he said.

Anthony Napolitano is an alderman in Chicago, and he took the unusual step of joining Tucker Carlson to get his message out to upstate Illinoisans.  

"We have 117,000 gang members on the street," Napolitano said.

The alderman is concerned about runaway crime, and the lack of response from local politicians to protect everyday citizens.