Deroy Murdock: ‘The time has come to have this debate and make big tech chose private or public platform’

Deroy Murdock explained why it’s important for big tech to distinguish what they are: private or public.

The Annie Frey Show
May 06, 2020 - 3:27 pm

Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said big tech needs to decide if they are public fora or private institutions.

“We have seen over and over of people coming up with interesting information about COVID-19. If it’s anything Trump smiles upon, big tech does everything to shut it down,” Murdock explained.

We know many tech companies are disbanding and discouraging COVID-19 information if they don’t like it, but aren’t they allowed since they are private companies?

Murdock said this is totally correct, but the problem is that they claim to be open platforms. So they give special treatment to the information they favor and band information and possibly politics they don’t.​