Former Professional Baseball Player: 'It’s not about the love of the game anymore’

The Annie Frey Show w/ Kevin Pitts

The Annie Frey Show
January 20, 2020 - 1:28 pm

Owner of On Base Hitting Kevin Pitts was drafted by the Dodgers and has now made a great career in the IL community. “It really is putting a bad name onto baseball,” he said on the MLB cheating scandal. The technology part of cheating the game is what is getting under Kevin’s skin. He said he wouldn’t be able to lay his head down at night with that hanging over him. Pitts explained that it’s not about the love of the game anymore. It’s about making the money. “It’s a billion dollar business. It’s about the money these days,” he said. When it comes to the players and the managers who were caught cheating, Pitts says it’s time for them to be taken out of the game.