Hans von Spakovsky on Flynn: ‘This could be the biggest breach of ethics you could possibly imagine as a lawyer’

New documents and notes have emerged shedding light on Flynn's relationship with his lawyers.

The Annie Frey Show
May 05, 2020 - 4:05 pm

Senior Legal Fellow at Heritage Hans von Spakovsky said what we are learning from these late documents about Michael Flynn is that they could be exculpatory evidence.

“People need to understand this: the FBI’s job is not to get members of the executive branch fired,” he said.

The notes from the meeting show that this maybe a political set up.

“Apparently at one point Congress wanted Flynn to come testify and offered him immunity,” Spakovsky explained. However, Flynn’s lawyers did not tell him that and told Congress they weren’t interested.

Who stood to benefit from this kind of treatment of Michael Flynn?

It looks to me like the Obama administration tried to target as many people as they could who would work for Trump, Spakovsky said.