Jason Whitlock: ‘Kaepernick is a useful idiot being used by political activists and it’s comical’

Longtime sports journalist Jason Whitlock said Colin Kaepernick is a huge joke and not actually a good spokesperson.

The Annie Frey Show
July 07, 2020 - 3:21 pm

Sports is supposed to be a pass time. It’s supposed to take us away from all the BS. We don’t have that now.

Many players are focused on building their brand on social media and being a voice on and off the field.

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Longtime sports journalist Jason Whitlock said you are just not free as an employee to force your politics down everyone’s throats.

“They are just screwing it up right now,” he said.

Once you lay the vail of “wokeness” over sports, you change the game entirely. Can you meet the satisfaction of wokeness to the people who are enforcing it?

“I just think some of this is human nature,” he said. He made the point that once you start denying “toxic masculinity” you end up with Donald Trump as your president.​