Jim Carafano: ‘We will be watching China and that is the right policy’

“Nobody in the world has a medical system for a pandemic,” says James Carafano of Heritage.

The Annie Frey Show
March 24, 2020 - 2:34 pm

(KFTK) – National security expert at Heritage Jim Carafano said we are ahead of most when it comes to testing and finding a cure for the coronavirus.

“My guess is that we are going to come out of his better than anybody,” Carafano said.

Globally, what are we all going to do to get over this and move on when we can?

“Nobody in the world has a medical system for a pandemic,” he said. Not even the United States, the richest country in the world.

What we are able to do is keep the social distancing, keep up the precautions, and work hard on staying at home and not having contact with others.

He said letting state and local governments make the decision for what is best for their region will work better than having the federal government come in and make a blanket statement about what we should be doing.


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