Missouri Attorney General Schmitt: ‘We know the Chinese government engaged in a campaign of deceit and deception very early on’

MO Attorney General explains why he chose to file a lawsuit against the Chinese government.

The Annie Frey Show
April 22, 2020 - 3:49 pm

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is filing a suit against the Chinese government seeking recovery for the loss of life.

Missouri is the first state to file this type of lawsuit.  Schmitt said he is very proud to spearhead this charge.

“Our claim is literally for 10s of millions of dollars about economic malfeasance,” he said. “We probably won’t be the last state.”

“I think Missouri’s deserve answers and deserve the truth,” The Attorney General said on why he wanted to file.

He understands this will be a big lawsuit and will not happen overnight. However, someone should be held accountable for releasing a pandemic on the world.