Murdock: ‘Russian collusion was a 100% hoax and a waste of our time and money’

The collusion narrative was debunked a few weeks ago. Did we all just waste our time?

The Annie Frey Show
May 20, 2020 - 3:25 pm

Deroy Murdock asked how do we get the last three years back?

We were completely consumed with the idea of “Russian collusion” since the beginning of Trump’s presidency and now when it is officially debunked we are supposed to just move-on?

Devin Nunes never quit searching and looking for evidence into Trump, collusion, Flynn, the FBI, and the Justice Department.

In 2017 Nunes was made to look like a foolish conspiracy theorist when he announced his findings into the unmasking.

It turns out, his concerns were valid. Deroy, Annie, and Ryan discuss all of the people who claimed they had no idea about the Flynn situation from the Obama admin and high leaders in government.