Former State Senator of Maine: ’You have to respect the process Susan Collins goes through to get her result’

"You can't say she hasn't studied all sides of the issue before she votes," says former Maine State Senator Andre Cushing

The Annie Frey Show
February 04, 2020 - 1:38 pm

(KFTK) – A few Senators who are in swing states have been under a microscope about how they will vote on the impeachment trial. Maine is one of two states that can be divided on their electoral votes.

County Commissioner and Former State Senator in Maine Andre Cushing said Susan Collins takes her position very seriously and her vote will be calculated.

“Collins wants to temp down the divisiveness,” he said on the Senator of Maine.

Last week, Collins was one of  two Republicans, along with Senator Mitt Romney, to show support for witnesses in the impeachment trial.

Cushing said the one person who has remained consistent in the way she operates is Collins.


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