Trump suspends H1-B visa and other visas in the United States until end of the year

This executive order happened yesterday afternoon and is meant to get American’s back to work.

The Annie Frey Show
June 23, 2020 - 3:25 pm

Dave Ray from FAIR Immigration said this executive order is a sign of Trump walking the walk.

He said this is a step forward for the American worker and it was needed since so many people are out of jobs right now.

“We don’t want to be importing people who are sick and we have between 30 and 40,000 Americans who don’t have sufficient jobs,” Ray continued.

Ray made the point that we need to get our own affairs in order to get people back to work before we extend that invitation to other people in other countries.

FAIR: Trump Puts American Workers First by Halting Guest Worker Admissions  
(June 22, 2020, Washington D.C.) —The following statement was issued by Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), in response to President Trump’s Proclamation suspending admission of many guest workers through the end of the year:
“Today’s Proclamation suspending the admission of foreign guest workers is welcome news for the tens of millions of Americans who have lost jobs as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Among the recently unemployed are workers of all skill levels who are ready, willing, and able to fill jobs as our economy recovers. President Trump is using his suspension authority in precisely the manner envisioned by the congressional framers of our immigration law, who envisioned such an economic crisis.
“President Trump has repeatedly promised that he would put American workers first, and to his credit, he did just that. For the most part, the president withstood intense pressure from powerful business interests that continue to demand more cheap foreign labor, even as they have laid-off an unprecedented number of American workers over the past three months. We fully expect that the agencies charged with carrying out this Proclamation in furtherance of the president’s intent to aid struggling American workers will resist pressure from corporate lobbyists to abuse their discretionary authority.
“Recent polls, including those commissioned by FAIR, show strong public support for the president’s action. Voters understand that continued high levels of immigration and guest worker admissions are an impediment to American workers recovering along with the economy.
“Perhaps most importantly, this pause provides an opportunity to structure long-term reforms to massively abused guest worker programs. Nothing drives home the magnitude of the abuse than the vociferous lobbying on the part of business interests for unfettered access to guest workers in the midst of the greatest unemployment crisis in living memory. Those abuses, which undermine American labor and send our technology to countries whose interests are inimical to ours, must end permanently.”​