Bigfoot spotted on MSDOT camera


Bigfoot caught on camera in Washington State

The Squatch was caught on a traffic camera and shared to social media

The Dave Glover Show
January 23, 2020 - 2:30 pm

Cut, print, that's a wrap! Bigfoot has been SIGHTED in the state of Washington! See him (or her, let's not discriminate) hiding in the brush?

Funnily enough, the images were caught on a traffic camera. Maybe Sue will see a Squatch on one of the cameras in the St. Louis area... well, we can dream.

You might be skeptical too, but as you can see, the traffic department has a story behind the photos... and we are dying to hear it. Maybe we can get them on for Paranormal Wednesday soon! And maybe Washington can be the site of the DGS Bigfoot Hunt... stay tuned.