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California city official tosses cat, drinks beer during Zoom meeting

The planning commissioner has since resigned from his position

The Dave Glover Show
April 27, 2020 - 12:33 pm

The incident in question happened during a Vallejo Planning Commission teleconference on April 20. Chris Platzer began his comments by picking up his cat and giving it a hard toss across the room. Other members of the commission appeared to laugh at the toss, and we can't lie, it is a little funny. WE ARE NOT CONDONING THROWING CATS, but they usually land on their feet. Hopefully he was tossing the kitty onto a soft landing spot such as a couch or comfy chair.

That wasn't the only thing that appeared off, though. Platzer was also spotted drinking from a green glass bottle, causing speculation that he was drinking during the meeting (the demeanor of the whole, um, cat tossing thing seems to back that theory up), and he was also heard cursing. Not exactly professional behavior.

Platzer apologized and resigned from the commission. 

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