Pfizer vaccine and more positive cases: Dr. Tiffany Osborn gives a COVID-19 update

"If this (vaccine) holds up, it's huge."

The Dave Glover Show
November 10, 2020 - 4:04 pm

Washington University’s Dr. Tiffany Osborn joins the DGS to discuss the 10 million COVID-19 cases in the USA. In the past few days nationally, there have been 100,000+ cases per day. In the St. Louis metro area, there 1,700 new COVID cases just yesterday (11/9/20). Dr. Osborn encourages anyone who was significantly exposed to someone with COVID-19, and anyone showing symptoms, to get tested for the virus.

“If this holds up, it’s huge.” Dr. Osborn reacts to the recent news that Pfizer has developed a COVID vaccine with a 90% success rate. However, she cautions that we must monitor the safety of the vaccine for a few months before we can move forward with emergency use authorization.

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Hospital capacities are at around 90%, and health care professionals are worn thin after many months of this pandemic. Dr. Osborn asks that the general public do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 – wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distance!