Iran's deputy health minister diagnosed with corona virus one day after insisting the virus is under control

He is caught on camera wiping his brow repeatedly during the announcement

The Dave Glover Show
February 25, 2020 - 1:51 pm

This is just bad timing... ONE DAY after going on television to insist that the corona virus outbreak has been contrained in Iran, a deputy health minister has been diagnosed with the virus. Here's footage of Iraj Harirchi wiping his brow and looking a little under the weather during the annoucement that the virus was under control:

I think it might be time to start worrying about this virus. I mean, one of the guys who was just telling people "it's all good!" literally HAS corona virus. 

Yesterday on the DGS (2/24/20), we spoke to Dr. Randall Williams, the director of the Missouri Department Health and Senior Services, about the corona virus and what the state of Missouri was doing to prepare. He said they are hoping for the best but prepared for the worst... you can hear the entire interview here on the DGS blog.