WATCH: Local chimp escapes cage, tries to break into car

The chimp from Fenton, MO attempted to climb into a car on Highway CC

The Dave Glover Show
July 06, 2020 - 1:08 pm

Local zoo news... an escaped chimpanzee attempted to climb into a car on Highway CC in Jefferson County on Tuesday.

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The chimpanzee's former owner, Connie Casey, had previously agreed to give up her chimps after a lawsuit from PETA, but it was Casey's property that the chimp escaped from. The lawsuit came after several high-profile chimpanzee attacks.  

Her associate Tonia Haddix claims Casey DID give up her chimps, to Haddix, who now resides in a trailer on Casey's property and cares for the chimps. Haddix says this particular chimp could have escaped when a cage was not properly latched.

A veterinarian “gave two doses of the tranquilizer ketamine but the chimpanzee was still mobile and that (Connie Casey) was going to get more (ketamine) from a nearby vet," according to the animal control report. 

The DGS is not sure if the chimp is back home or remains with animal control. We will update the story if we receive more information!