Someone in China has the Bubonic Plague

The Dave Glover Show
July 09, 2020 - 12:29 pm

The Plague's back! 2020 remains undefeated. What's next, giant bats-oh, right. Jokes aside, the plague never TOTALLY went away, and there's usually a few hundred or so cases a year--it never spreads much because basic good hygiene is an excellent preventative against it. Keep those hands clean people. Still, this isn't really the news you want to see right now, as I'd say we're all just a little SENSITIVE to this sort of thing at the moment, wouldn't you? What else is in the news. Uber absorbed Postmates in a multi-billion dollar deal, Raja's first son has been born at the St. Louis Zoo, a fisherman caught a 112 POUND catfish on the Mighty Mississippi, and I really don't want to catch the Bubonic Plague.