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WATCH: Sweden's businesses are OPEN, social distancing still working

"It's much more sustainable."

The Dave Glover Show
April 22, 2020 - 11:57 am

This almost seems fake, because it makes too much sense. This Bloomberg reporter decided to show the rest of the world how Sweden was handling COVID-19... without shutting down their economy.

Restaurants, gyms, and schools are still open for business, with a few tweaks to keep people safe.

Anders Tengell is the epidemiologist that set up these social distance guidelines, which are far more relaxed than the ones we see here in the US. 

He cites the trust between politics and agencies in their country, including a "constant dialogue" to keep people informed... something we seem to struggle with here in the USA. Citizens have been asked to be responsible, without shutting down their entire way of life. Seems too good to be true. If only we could reach a similar solution here at home.