Wash U's Dr. Tiffany Osborn busts some mask myths

Plus, information on the rising COVID numbers in MO

The Dave Glover Show
October 28, 2020 - 12:48 pm

Washington University's Dr. Tiffany Osborn joined the DGS to discuss the rising COVID numbers across the US and Missouri.

Many people worry that any mask other than an N95 mask does not work. This graphic that shows that other masks can indeed be extremely helpful in stopping the spread of the virus and aiding in personal protection.

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Dr. Osborn also breaks down some common mask myths, including:

  • The myth that masks are only needed if coughing or sneezing - No 50% of infected people have no symptoms.  Talking, laughing, cheering can spread the virus
  • The myth that masks nly protect others from you - No - A mask protects you if others infected and others if you are infected.
  • The myth that simply wearing a mask = protection.  Ultimately it is not just about the mask but if the mask fits.  Even a N95 protection can be reduced to very little if worn poorly (i.e. not covering your nose).