ER doctor says even N95 masks won’t stop the spread of COVID-19

The Marc Cox Morning Show
May 08, 2020 - 9:44 am

ER doctor Jeff Gusky M.D. FACEP joins the show to discuss some of the steps we’ve taken as a society to combat the pandemic.

He points out that the virus is so tiny it can pass right through the surgical masks.

What about the N95 masks?

Unfortunately, when Dr. Gusky explains the science, those aren’t actually capable of stopping the spread of this virus. You’d need an N100.

He also discusses how the virus reacts in different environments.

Outdoor air and indoor air are very different. Dr. Gusky says moisture in the air is like an invisible barrier against COVID. In dangerously dry indoor air, separation of six feet may not be enough.

On the politicization, Dr. Gusky says the messaging on testing has been skewed. Targeted testing could be highly effective but testing everyone could lead to a false sense of security and actually put more lives at risk.

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