St. Louis County officials question county executive pandemic response

Eureka Mayor Sean Flower says the word ‘indefinitely’ is deflating.

The Marc Cox Morning Show
April 17, 2020 - 7:35 am

The virus is serious and no one wants to endanger one another. However, using a word like ‘indefinitely’ in a time where our economy is fragile, many small businesses have been forced to close their doors for good, and we live in a region where numerous counties have few to zero cases of COVID-19, is questionable at best.

According to KSDK, ten mayors who represent about a third of St. Louis County have penned a letter to county executive Sam Page asking for clarification on the word.

Eureka Mayor Sean Flower was on that list. He joins Marc to share his thoughts on this evolving situation.

County council member Tim Fitch wants to know if there is anything, the Governor can do to override the county executive’s blanket decision.

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