Support local business

Here's how some of our local businesses are giving back.

The Marc Cox Morning Show
March 24, 2020 - 7:41 am

Todd Piro joins us from his living room. These are uncharted territories. If you are fortunate enough to have job stability and relatively low stress during this quarantine, Todd urges you not to contribute to the ‘complaint brigade’. We’re all in this together. It’s uncomfortable for everyone. Let’s not bring each other down. If you’re even more fortunate to have a bit of disposable income, buy a gift card.

Speaking of buying a gift card. We had the privilege of welcoming a couple of small business owners who are doing their part to give back to their employees and community despite the uncertain tides. 

Listen below:

Gianfabio's Italian Cafe | 612 Kitchen & Cocktails | Olivino Tasting Bar

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