Mark Mantovani: Calls to defund police are 'preposterous'

“You don’t start the conversation by saying we’re going to hack away at your budget.”

The Marc Cox Morning Show
June 10, 2020 - 8:48 am

Mantovani believes this course of action is “preposterous” and won’t solve anything.

Crime is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, challenges facing our region. As the crime rate continues to rise, fewer police would only decrease public safety.

Mantovani says we need to consider the cause of poverty and the increase in crime that is related to poverty in certain communities. He points out that the communities that have managed to provide opportunities, despite limited economic resources, have lower rates of crime.

Shifting gears to the pandemic, Mantovani says the communication from County Executive Sam Page surrounding the response has been “atrocious”.

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