Mark Mantovani: ‘I’m not in favor of merging the city and the county’

The Marc Cox Morning Show
August 03, 2020 - 8:25 am

Mark Mantovani joins the show to explain to St. Louis County voters why he believes he is the best choice for county executive.

On a potential city-county merger, Mantovani says there has been false messaging surrounding his stance.

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He says he’s advocated that we have to come together to compete with other cities (Kansas City, Nashville, etc.) but that does not involve some sort of super-regional government.

He says he’s not in favor of merging the city and the county but we do have to think more regionally to create a competitive economic advantage.

On youth sports?

Instead of a blanket mandate regulating all youth sports, Mantovani says he would have evaluated each sport individually and worked with parents and coaches to find the best plan for each.

Mantovani also speaks on police support, getting kids back to school, and more.

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