NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace doubles down on 'noose' in garage

A Marc Cox #Soapbox on Bubba Wallace's decision to double down on the "noose" narrative.

The Marc Cox Morning Show
June 24, 2020 - 6:06 am

When reports of a “noose” found Bubba Wallace’s a garage surfaced, NASCAR, fans, and fellow good-hearted American’s rallied against the hate.

After a brief FBI investigation, the world learned that the “noose” was actually a garage pull rope that had been in the garage since October 2019.

If you’re Bubba Wallace, you have a choice to make; admit you are wrong and acknowledge the goodwill of those who rallied against hate, or double down.

Wallace decided to double down.

These false claims hurt the greater cause… and so does the racist, hateful response from internet trolls.

There are bad actors in every group.  However, the majority of people are good-hearted.

Let’s do better.


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